Back pain
Back pain

Back Pain...
Slip disc...
These are the health issue are commonly seen now a days due sedentary life style and long hours sitting in front of PC's and system..

There are so many reasons behind this like
No physical exercise.
Lack of flexibility. Hamstring tightness or shortning is also a common cause...
Muscles weakness...
Metabolic issue like vitamin D3 deficiency,
Unhealthy diet..
Lack of sun exposure.

But the most important thing is that back is curable completely.

We provide and plan advance pain of management stretegy .
It includes 
Manual therpy.
Cupping treatment
Dry needling

TENS, IFT, Ultrasound therapy,
And thermal or cold.

Costomized Exercise program.
Balance and coordination

Complete Pain management facility is available @ 
Revive Physiotherapy and Pain clinic.
Visit or call us for any Pain or discomfort of musculoskeletal condition.
Dr Inamul haq.

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