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SPIRALS Health community and their Doctors are committed to provide information about various health issues to patients. Purpose is to educate patients and their care takers to understand root cause of issues and also to understand what could be done to avoid such issues. Patients are recommended to go through these blogs and educate themselves.

1I am already using a software but would like switch to SPIRALS Health. Will SPIRALS Health help me transfer data from existing software into SPIRALS Health ?

Yes. We do it all the time. Doctors using other softwares have been migrating to SPIRALS Health. Import option is provided to migrate all the existing clinic data from previous software into SPIRALS Health.

2 Is my data safe?

Absolutely. We at SPIRALS Health we are highly committed that your clinic data is never ever shared with anyone, and you remain sole owner of your data. Safety and security of your data is part of our DNA at SPIRALS Health. We take security of customer's data very seriously and hence all the data request between browser and SPIRALS Health servers are encrypted using SHA-256 encryption so that your data is safe from 'man in the middle' attack. We use latest PCI compliant TLS 1.2 protocol for added security.

SPIRALS Health's practice management software run on top of GCP ( Google Cloud Platform ) to provide you with world class safety, security and best in class latency around the globe. GCP is the same platform on which even Google runs it services so you can trust us to be running your virtual practice on top of infrastructure which is nothing but the best in the world.

To ensure complete safety of your patient data, SPIRALS Health platform has created virtual private cloud on top of HIPAA compliant data centers.

3I am not sure. Can I try SPIRALS Health Practice software for free before purchasing subscription?

Yes you can opt for our 7 days free trial during which you can try out all the features of the software. At any point of time during the free trial , you may decide to purchase the subscription plan which suit your requirements.

4 How long does the SPIRALS Health trial last?

7 Days

5 If i buy subscription before trial period ends then will i lose my remaining trial duration?

No, you will not. Your purchased subscription will start after your free trial ends. You can purchase subscription anytime during your free trial and still make use of your remaining days in the free trial period. So, if you are already satisfied with the software features, then don't wait till the last day of the free trial.

6 How much time and money do I need to invest in order to get started? Will SPIRALS Health help in teaching staff?

Our software has been designed to ensure any person with basic knowledge of working on computer will be able to easily learn all aspects themselves. This is one the core USP of SPIRALS Health Practice software compared to other softwares. So you don't have to spend any money on training your staff.

We provide a detailed knowledgebase portal to ensure our customers can onboard smoothly and also find realtime help on various features of the software. You can also contact our customer support team and they will try their best to help you with the workflow of the software or any issues you might be facing.

7 Are there any hidden costs which I need to pay over and above this?

There are no hidden costs except mandatory government taxes ( like Service Tax or GST ) over and above what is mentioned in the subscription plans.

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