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SPIRALS is a Suite of Apps and Web based systems. A highly modular system with is designed and architected to provide simple. small sized app filler with relevant information only. whole system is fragmented in small Apps to reduce load of work on one person and certainly load on your mobile.

Automate and digitized your clinic into paperless system

Setup our own contents and search options on google

Align to MCI and regulatory compliances as per Indian laws

Align to International Privacy and security compliances i.e. Protected Health Information Act and Personally Identifiable Information Act *

Align to Process related aspects of Clinic Establishment Act, India

Never lose patient information & Electronic Medical records

Simple app for coordinator to reduce Doctor's workload

Live and Actual status of Patients, Queues, Appointments

Effective patient management and Calendar management

Keep track of effectiveness of employed Doctors

Track status of revenue in your clinic from everywhere on simple App

Patient visit scheduling, rescheduling, revisit planning

Permanent connect with patient thru Patient App

SPIRALS do not distribute, sell or share any personal data with anyone **

*Under PHI and PII Act, SPIRALS do not distribute, share or sell any individual’s personal data. ** Only exceptions are legal authorities, Govt. Agencies, courts of India or orders from courts of India

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Doctor App

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CC App

Start your app to check all Doctors around you

Single click to get every detail of the Doctor

Single click to see location, direction and mode to reach Doctor

Single click to book appointment with Doctor for Free

Select specialization to find specific Doctors near you

Get time to time available discounts as soon as you book appointment

Relocation of Doctor or change of contact number – No issues

Once connected to a Doctor, no need to search again ever

Always get updated contacts of the Doctor in your App

Create your medical profile – Always available for any emergency

Secured and safe – No one can access information except your Doctor *

Keep your prescriptions safe in your App account, Access from anywhere

Share your prescriptions to any Doctor for second opinion

Get your medicine timings tracked by App

Book appointment thru QR Code – Share medical condition with Doctor only

*Under PHI (Protected Health Information Act) and PII (Personally Identifiable Information Act), SPIRALS do not distribute, share or sell any individual’s personal data.

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Simply setup your chemist shop online and go live

Start receiving orders from patients nearby

Connect with patient once he/she accepts orders

Get direct patient feedback for betterment and improvement in services

On-board and track delivery boys

Keep track of deliveries done by each person

Keep track of efficiency of delivery

Suggest your customers to use App and order online

Keep small counter and big warehouse to save on cost

Connect with patients around you and beat online medicine stores

Delivery Boy App to track deliveries

Direct feedback from patient on delivery

Transparent system to ensure right delivery and collection of money

OTP based delivery to avoid any confusion later

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Chemist App

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Delivery person

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Our Latest Blog

SPIRALS Health community and their Doctors are committed to provide information about various health issues to patients. Purpose is to educate patients and their care takers to understand root cause of issues and also to understand what could be done to avoid such issues. Patients are recommended to go through these blogs and educate themselves.

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Our awards & Camp

SPIRALS Health is recognised and awarded for the innovative ideas towards healthcare industry. They also encourage Doctors to conduct medical camps for patients of all categories and income levels. SPIRALS Health facilitates such camps and initiatives by their Doctors.

Below are few such events captured in Cameras and displayed.

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