5 Benefits of Cupping Therapy
5 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Are you confused about whether cupping therapy will help you or not? If yes, you need to answer these questions.

Are you suffering from chronic pain or are you someone who thinks a lot of toxins have accumulated in your body? Do you have muscle stiffness?

If any of these problems persist with you, yes this therapy can help you.

Are you wondering, how? Well, we will discuss that but first, we need to understand what is it.

What is Cupping Therapy?

It is an alternative therapy that uses cups to create suction by putting them on the skin of the affected body part. This therapy is being used widely these days by many celebrities and vloggers but this is not a new thing. It is an ancient form of alternative medicine used widely in China as well as the Middle East.

How Cupping Works?

In earlier times, generally, physiotherapists used to put flammable material in the cup and set that on fire, once the cup heats up and the fire extinguishes, they place that on your skin. As the cup cools down, it creates a vacuum which in turn helps to expand blood vessels.

But these days this vacuum and suction are created with the help of a rubber pump. The cup is left intact on the skin for about 3 minutes. After the removal of the cup, tiny cuts are made by experienced physical therapists, and a second suction is done to draw a minuscule amount of blood. This relaxes your affected body part and helps to ameliorate pain.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Now we know what is it and how it works. Now, let's move forward to its benefits:

Relief in Asthma and Sinusitis

If you are someone suffering from Asthma or Sinus, cupping therapy is a boon for you. It helps to break down the congestion and helps to enrich your respiratory system with oxygen-rich blood towards your respiratory system. If your sinuses are blocked, you can also opt for facial cupping which will help you to clear the congestion.

Releases Toxins

The sedentary lifestyle that we are having accumulates a lot of toxins in our bodies. In this case, wet cupping therapy is very helpful. In wet cupping, your therapist lightly punctures your body and the toxins come out through those cuts. It regulates the blood flow in the lymph by removing toxins.

Reduces Stress

Cupping therapy does not work directly on stress. When your therapist moves cups across a body part, your parasympathetic nervous system gets activated and you start to feel composed and relaxed.

Relieves Pain

The vacuum created by the cups where they are placed increases blood circulation there. Increased circulation helps to relax the muscles, thus relaxing pain in the area.

Helpful in digestion

If you are someone, who has constipation or digestion issues cupping therapy will be of great help to you. Your therapist will place cups on your abdomen that will stimulate your digestive flexes. It will in turn induce contraction in your digestive system that will push food and the colon will get cleansed.

So, if you are facing any of the above problems now you know cupping therapy can help you to get rid of them. Don't wait, call us and book an appointment with a physical therapist near you.


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