5 drinks to say Goodbye to Anaemia
5 drinks to say Goodbye to Anaemia

Anaemia, do you know this is the most common nutrient deficiency issue among women all over the world?


Yes, it is. But the good news is you can maintain your haemoglobin levels by inculcating a few natural drinks and foods in your daily life. Anaemia is caused due to the deficiency of iron in the body. It is responsible for producing haemoglobin which is the carrier of oxygen in the blood. Even our blood gets its red colour from haemoglobin itself. If a person gets deficient in iron his haemoglobin levels start to drop and this is called Anaemia.


In this blog, we will learn a few natural drinks that will help us fight anaemia and maintain our haemoglobin levels.


Drinks to boost haemoglobin levels

Everything starts from food. Indian cuisine is a medicine in itself due to the wide variety of spices used in them. These species not only make the food rich in taste but also help in curing and managing various diseases. Here are a few juices that you can also try to maintain your haemoglobin levels:

Amla Juice

Amla is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to promote the absorption of iron in the body, which will aid in haemoglobin production so consuming amla daily either in the form of juice or candy or just boiled and salted will keep anaemia at bay. 

Beetroot and Jaggery Juice

Beetroot and jaggery both are highly rich in iron. It is a blood-building juice that detoxifies the blood as well as renews it with minerals and natural sugars. The iron in beetroot and jaggery juice is easily assimilated and gives more nutrition than any other iron supplements.

Dried plums juice

If you are looking for a plant-based iron supplement, dried plum juice is the best thing. 256 grams of dried plums provide 3.02 mg of iron. Apart from providing iron, it also helps to boost the energy level. It also inhibits constipation. Though it is an iron-rich juice before inculcating this into your daily, consult a dietician.

Dates smoothie

Dates also have high iron content as well as Vitamin C. 100 gram of dates are known to have 0.3mg to 10.4 mg of iron in them. So eating a few dates or having a dates smoothie will not only add to fulfilling your body’s iron requirement but the Vitamin C present in them will help in iron absorption as well thus preventing iron deficiency.

Pumpkin seeds smoothie

Another drink that can help you to fight anaemia is a pumpkin seeds smoothie. One cup of pumpkin seeds contains 9.2 mg of iron which is 50% of the daily RDA for premenopausal women. So you can include pumpkin seeds in your smoothies. And if you are not a big fan of pumpkin seeds smoothie, you can use it in yogurt, salads and fruit chaat etc.


So these are the five drinks that can help you to fight anaemia. But as we all know prevention is better than cure, if you include iron in some form or the other in your daily diet you can prevent iron deficiency.


We will be back with another blog, till then


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