SPIRALS Health community and their Doctors are committed to provide information about various health issues to patients. Purpose is to educate patients and their care takers to understand root cause of issues and also to understand what could be done to avoid such issues. Patients are recommended to go through these blogs and educate themselves.

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Heel pain
Heel Pain. Very common complain of heel pain, heel Pain may be due various reasons. So before starting the treatment need to be find the cause of the Pain. Running on hard surface. Hard surface training Improper footwear High ...


Back pain
Back Pain... Slip disc... These are the health issue are commonly seen now a days due sedentary life style and long hours sitting in front of PC's and system.. There are so many reasons behind this like No physical exercise. Lack of ...


Shoulder Joint Problems and Treatment
Common Shoulder Joint Problems Shoulder joint is having maximum mobility in comparison to all other joints of the body. But less stability, shoulder joint is prone to get injury and dislocation because of less stability. One more major complain ...


Neck Pain
Neck pain.  Pain located in the neck is a common medical condition. Neck pain is a common complaint in all age groups. Some of special groups are more prone to develop neck pain, like Teachers, Dentists, Banking jobs, I.T professional, and those ...

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