How to Avoid New Corona Virus Variants

According to the general physician doctor in Ahmedabad, new corona virus variants can be more dangerous than the original virus and are spreading rapidly. You should upgrade your mask like wearing double mask and double all of the safety precautions.

New variants of the Corona virus are still emerging. Some new variants have caused concern in the Unites states of America because they're so infectious and spreading fast. To avoid them, you’ll get to double down on the precaution that you were doing to avoid Covid that has kept you safe thus far.

The variant referred to as B.1.1.7., which was first identified in Britain, it is so powerful that it can infect an estimated 50 percent more people, and researchers believe it's going to be more deadly than the original one. B.1.1.7 is now the foremost common source of latest infections in the US, and is additionally fueling the spread of the virus in Europe.

The new variant seems to adhere to our cells more effectively. This change suggests that an infected person may need less virus and less time to be in the same room with an infected person to get sick. People infected with this variant can also spread large amounts of the virus, it can increase the risk to get infected to the people around them.

How can you protect yourself from the new Corona virus variants?

New variants of Covid are spreading in the same way it always spreads. If you spend time breathing in the same room with infected person without mask, you are more likely to get the virus. The same things that protect you from the original strain should help protect you from the mutation, although you may need to double all the precautions you were doing. It will be better to wear two layer masks than wearing only one. Avoid spending time indoors with people who are not your family member. Avoid crowds and maintain the distance. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.

According to the general physician doctor in Ahmedabad, It's not that this variant spread magically through other means. Anything that is risky under original variant has become more dangerous because of the new variant of Covid.

After spending months in the pandemic, many of us have become habitual about Covid safety precautions. Maybe sometimes we let our guard down, when we spend time indoors, and don’t use mask with a trusted friend. Or maybe you dine at the restaurant or go to the grocery store more times a week than when the lockdown started. The arrival of variants means that you should minimize potential exposure and double down on basic precautions in the next few months until you and people you meet or live with are fully vaccinated.

About the mask

Always wear a high-quality mask when running errands, shopping, or spending time indoors with people who do not live with you. The best masks have three layers or two layers of fabric with a filter between the layers. The mask should fit the bridge of the nose and be made of flexible material to reduce gaps. The headband fits better than the ear loops.

Front line workers like doctor, nurses or other medical workers who get with contact of patients wear N-95 masks but you don’t need such high level of protection if you are avoiding gatherings, travel, going shopping, and maintain the distance from people.

Getting the Covid vaccine is the best and only way to reduce risk. But until then, take a look at your activities and try reducing the time and number of exposures to other people. If you want more information you should visit spirals health website or you can contact with the general physician doctor in Ahmedabad.

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June 26, 2019, 2:50 pm

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