SPIRALS Health community and their Doctors are committed to provide information about various health issues to patients. Purpose is to educate patients and their care takers to understand root cause of issues and also to understand what could be done to avoid such issues. Patients are recommended to go through these blogs and educate themselves.

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Immune system
Homeopathic treatment is safe and effective and Increase immunity of children and adults


Sometimes normal muscular pain cannot guarantee you quick relief. There have been many cases when bodily pains have resulted in major setbacks for people suffering from muscular problems. Many have engaged themselves with some weekly professional ...


Examination phobia and Homoeopathy
We all have gone through the examination fear at least once in our lives. This is the time when we put all our strengths and knowledge to attain the desired result. This is the most difficult time in a student’s life as it affects them physically, ...


Heel pain
Heel Pain. Very common complain of heel pain, heel Pain may be due various reasons. So before starting the treatment need to be find the cause of the Pain. Running on hard surface. Hard surface training Improper footwear High ...


"DR RUHAIL'S DENTAL AVENUE" is dedicated to improving oral health by making quality dental care, affordable and accessible to everyone. their plan is to enable people to live healthier, happier lives. one smile at a time.

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