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What is sexual desire?

It is the attraction that manifests itself in a physical way, which leads to sexual excitement, peak and intercourse for satisfactory sexual activity. This is considered a normal part of the physiological make up of human beings. Yet, there are ...

pain management

pain management centre delhi -ncr


Follicular unit extraction popularly known as FUE is a method of hair transplant. A lot of people across the globe are getting benefited from this technique. FUE technique: Donor hair are extracted in FUE technique using very fine punches. The ...

Instant X-Ray:

Intra – Oral Peri Apical X- Ray helps us to know the original internal structure of the whole tooth, root and surrounding bone and any developmental or infectious pathology related with them, which guides us to proper diagnosis and accurate ...

Chemical Peels - 8 Amazing Reasons To Go For Them!

Not many of us like the image that stares back at us in the mirror. We all would love to have those wrinkles gone, the dull appearance improved, the fine lines disappear, the spots (brown, black, gray, whatever) just vanish. However, they ...