SPIRALS Health community and their Doctors are committed to provide information about various health issues to patients. Purpose is to educate patients and their care takers to understand root cause of issues and also to understand what could be done to avoid such issues. Patients are recommended to go through these blogs and educate themselves.

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Find Dental Doctor Near Me | Book Dental Doctor Near Me | Dant ke Doctor Near Me
Finding a Dental Doctor near me in Noida can be a very tough task due to the huge number of available options. With numerous options available it becomes very difficult to choose one who is the best one for the problem you are suffering. Here in ...


5 drinks to say Goodbye to Anaemia
Anaemia, do you know this is the most common nutrient deficiency issue among women all over the world? Yes, it is. But the good news is you can maintain your haemoglobin levels by inculcating a few natural drinks and foods in your daily life. ...


5 Benefits of Triphala
Since ancient times, Triphala has been a very potent remedy for many ailments in traditional ayurvedic medicine. It is a combination of three very powerful herbs Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki ...


5 Superfoods for Hair Growth
Who does not want beautiful, healthy and luscious hair? I guess everybody craves healthy hair. But due to our sedentary lifestyles, at times diseases, nutritional deficiencies and use of heat on hairs, our hairs get damaged, tend to break, we get ...


Drumsticks ke fayde - detox se immunity tak
  Drumsticks also known as Moringa and Sehjan which these days is being used in many supplements and teas is very widely used in northern and southern parts of India since centuries. In South, you can witness them being used in daily curries and ...

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