System is absolutely smooth and gives a continuous live feed about Doctors, Number of OPDs and revenue etc. on one touch. It is like keeping all reports in pocket every time. We also got custom reports to understand gaps and areas of concern. Wonderful support from backend support team and field team.

Dr. S Jain
Chief Counselor

With the changing era, we all need to upgrade our practices in all aspects. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence have become quintessential to our lives, not sparing the healthcare system as well. The team at SPIRALS is always eager to learn and understand the problems at its roots (with the clinician), find a solution and evolve themselves. This is, I believe, the best way to grow. I wish SPIRALS a great success.

Relief Physio and Rehab Clinic, Meerut

Dr. Yashaswi Agarwal

We are using this system for over a year. Very user friendly and Highly recommended system to any clinic or hospital. It just do not help us managing our practice and patients, it also helps us connecting with them more and more. It is a truly patient doctor relationship enabling solution. Highly recommended for experienced Doctors who needs easy to use system and for beginners for setting up right practices.

Optimus Health & Wellness Centre, Meerut

Dr. K.P. Saini

Excellent service from frontend and backend teams. Very smooth system to generate electronic prescriptions. Helped in complying with regulatory compliances by just connecting to the system. Electronic prescription system is very smooth and reduced OPD time for patients. More patients can be consulted in same time slot with more satisfaction to them. Increased business with best use of technology. Way to go SPIRALS team.

Shivam Dental Clinic, Meerut

Dr. JP Singh
Dental Surgeon

In over 30 years of practicing medicine, I have seen many changes in the approach to care and the healthcare system. SPIRALS has applied the best information technology and a vision toward the future to a fragmented system, for a truly unique and valuable approach to getting a Second Medical Opinion. The combination of an intelligently designed Personal Health Record with the patient's complete medical history, plus access to world-class network of physicians and specialists gives the patient control that is often lacking in today's system. More importantly, this Second Medical Opinion service enables us as medical experts to provide a thoughtful, thorough review and recommendation for patients on their timetable, in a manner that makes it accessible and easy while maintaining the personal attention everyone deserves when facing an important decision.

Dr R. P. Singh

With so many patient and clinic management solution, we found SPIRALS to be quite comfortable and easy to use. There are so many features in the product and every one of them is really a value addition.

Finally a Patient Centric solution which can save time and efforts of a patient. It becomes much more critical and important when patient is suffering and is in pain. Wonderful concept and highly easy to use.

Dr. Verma's Dental and ENT Clinic, Ghaziabad

Dr. Abhishek Verma
Dental Surgeon and Implantologist

Excellent product and truly professional team to support it. We are using this system in our centre for over an year now and never felt lack of support. Happy to be part of Next Gen System.

System with detailed information on data privacy and security. Very strong on protected health information and personally identifiable information acts. Good part is that support team knows what they are talking and transparency is kept with Doctors. SPIRALS give our patients access to the right information about their health and the ability to carry out a treatment plan, at their convenience, with our specialist physicians.

Himani Homeopathic Clinic, Delhi

- Dr. Sanjay Kumar Saini

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