What is sexual desire?
What is sexual desire?

It is the attraction that manifests itself in a physical way, which leads to sexual excitement, peak and intercourse for satisfactory sexual activity. This is considered a normal part of the physiological make up of human beings. Yet, there are individuals who suffer from complete lack of desire, which may be categorised as an often unnoticed health issue. This can affect both men and women. So what else should you know about lack of desire? Here's our list! Lack of Desire for Women: Women often go through phases where they experience complete lack of sexual desire. This could be due to a variety of reasons, starting from hormonal changes to stress. This condition is usually known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder for women. This can be due to a combination of physical as well as mental factors. Lack of Desire for Men: Lack of desire for men is usually characterised by a condition known as erectile dysfunction where the patient may have a problem in getting and retaining an erection for long enough to go through with a complete cycle of sexual activity. The causes for this may range from ailments like low testosterone, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, to stress. Frequency: Contrary to popular belief, lack of sexual desire does not happen due to less frequency of sex, for either male or female patients. As per medical studies, there is no set behaviour or pattern that can create low sexual desire. Relationship Issues: The issues may range from conflict and lack of performance as well as an utter lack of any kind of emotional stability and satisfaction in the relationship. This is one of the most common causes for lack of desire for both males and females. It may lead to complete lack of sexual interest for females, and stress that causes erectile dysfunction for males. Sociocultural Stress: Many times, there are many sociocultural factors that affect conditions like lack of desire. This may include stress due to one's job or peer pressure. In many cases, constant exposure to media executed imagery and pornography can also lead to unreasonable expectations. This can lead to stress and lack of interest in one's partner. Medical Issues: Lack of desire may also be a side effect of medical ailments like depression and other mental related problems. Also, chronic physical ailments like endometriosis, fibroids and thyroid disorders can lead to such problems. Lack of desire may happen due to certain types of medicines like anti-depressants and contraceptives. Get to know more about your problem by visiting a doctor in case it becomes a persistent condition so that due treatment can take place. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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