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Follicular unit extraction popularly known as FUE is a method of hair transplant. A lot of people across the globe are getting benefited from this technique.

FUE technique: Donor hair are extracted in FUE technique using very fine punches. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. These roots are then implanted in the balding area. The method of implantation is exactly the same as the other technique (FUT). Usually 0.7 to 0.9 mm size punches are used for FUE. Healing is very fast in FUE & there is minimal scarring in the donor area.

Advantages of FUE technique:

  1. Fast healing: FUE wounds heal much faster than FUT. It's because of the small size of wounds. All the daily routine can be resumed in one weeks time including exercising.
  2. Body hair transplant: In patients with limited scalp donor, Body hair transplants is a good option & is possible with FUE technique. Beard, arms, legs, pubic region, chest & axillae can be used as body donor in FUE.
  3. Additional scalp donor: A combination of FUE + FUT technique can be very useful in higher grades of baldness, It gives us more grafts.
  4. Selective Harvest: Since we can choose & pick the grafts in FUE, it gives us an option to get the best grafts, the grafts which have more than one follicle in them. It really helps in dense packing especially behind the hair line area.
  5. Graft placement is easy: FUE grafts are thinner & leaner than FUT, so it is very easy to place them together in a small space. While the FUT grafts are thicker & have good amount of fat tissue in it. So again very high density can be achieved using FUE grafts.
  6. Small sessions: Since we are not cutting a strip in case of FUE, we can go for small sessions, in case patient wants to go slow & gradually towards the goal of hair restoration. Very small sessions of even 300-400 grafts, can be done to reduce the social downtime & to avoid sudden change.

Limitations of FUE technique:

  1. Less number of grafts: Less grafts can be extracted by using only the FUE technique. FUT can give you around 3000 grafts in an average patient, while in FUE we can get around 1800- 2000 grafts only from the safe zone. So in a high grade of baldness, FUE alone should not be done.
  2. Less survival rate: FUE grafts don’t have sufficient amount of fat tissue in it, as compared to FUT. This makes these grafts more prone to dehydration and trauma. Chances of survival of FUT grafts are more than FUE.
  3. Transaction of grafts: We can’t visualize the roots directly in case of FUE surgery. While in FUT roots are directly visible under microscope. The transaction rate of FUE is high, this can affect the final outcome.
  4. Selective harvest: All the multi grafts were extracted in the 1st go in FUE surgery, so we are left with only single unit grafts. In case a person looses hair in future & needs more grafts, the requirement won’t be fulfilled, because of weak donor. Moreover the crown area requires even more number of grafts.
  5. Does’t Fit into long term planning: In early stages of baldness also if FUE surgery is performed, the donor area will have small tiny scars everywhere, and in future if somebody tries to extract the grafts again from the same area, it will lead to a very high transaction rate. This person will be devoid of maximum utilization of the donor for lifetime.
  6. Use of unsafe donor zone: Because of the low yield problem with FUE surgery, the surgeon is forced to take out grafts from the non permanent zone, and these hair won’t stay for long. In FUT however the grafts are taken from the most permanent zone & the maximum utilization of the grafts can be done.

DSFT Technique: Direct Stimulated follicular transplant or DSFT is the revolutionary trademark technique of Satya, which is an advanced version of FUE technique. The advantages of DSFT, over ordinary FUE are:-

  1. Better quality of grafts than ordinary FUE are available with this technique.
  2. Graft wastage is less with DSFT as compared to ordinary FUE.
  3. Donor area’s demographic distribution is not disturbed with DSFT.
  4. The donor area is preserved for future use relatively better than ordinary FUE.
  5. Transplanted hair grow thicker & faster in DSFT as compared to ordinary FUE.

MHT Technique: Maximum harvest technique is one of the most advanced & intelligent technique where FUT & FUE, both the techniques are combined in the best possible way to get the maximum outcome from your donor area. The grafts are carefully extracted & implanted to minimize the wastage. The combination of the techniques is chosen according to the patient’s needs. It can never be prefixed. The grafts taken from both the techniques are intelligently & artistically placed in such a manner that it gives the most natural look. The advantages of MHT technique include:-

  1. Maximum number of grafts can be extracted than any other technique.
  2. Only one session is required to fill both crown & front, which is not possible with either of the techniques alone.
  3. Graft utilization from the permanent donor zone is maximum & minimum wastage.

Reasons of popularity of FUE: FUE is a wonderful tool to restore hair, but it has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. NOBODY CAN SAY THAT THIS IS THE BEST TECHNIQUE AND WE WILL DO ONLY THIS. The technique should never be pre decided, but unfortunately this is happening these days.

Even the patients are not aware of this & they end up choosing incorrect method & devoid themselves the opportunity to get back head full of hair.

It should always be decided on the requirements of the concerned person. It’s only because of commercialization most of the clinics advocate one method & discourage the other. One of the reasons could be lack of training or trained staff for the other method. Another important reason could be commercial, where a big team of trained technicians will work on one case of FUT, the same team can be split into 4-5 teams and they can do 4-5 cases of FUE in one day, which obviously means more money.

We urge you to get your case assessed by an unbiased and honest surgeon, so that you can choose whatever is best for you. We have come up with a series of educational videos regarding this topic. We are really sure that this is gonna help you in taking a better decision for you.

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