Non-Surgical Medical Procedures: Find General Physicians/Doctors in Noida
Non-Surgical Medical Procedures: Find General Physicians/Doctors in Noida

This article is going to be very helpful for people who need a non-surgical medical procedure. It contains vast information about the general physicians and doctors in Noida. We will also let you know about how you can find a general physician in Noida.  


In addition to this, we will describe a little about the non-surgical medical procedures; and health conditions that require non-surgical.


What do you need to know about a general physician? 


A general physician is a highly trained specialist who provides several non-medical health cares. He/she cares for complicated, unusual, or severe medical issues and continues to see the individual until the conditions have resolved. 


Some general physicians see patients in their specific consulting rooms, while most physicians work together with hospitalized patients.  


Their huge range of expertise differentiates them from other medical experts. Other healthcare experts treat only certain kinds of problems or a particular area of the body when general physicians work on most illnesses and injuries for non-surgical treatment. 


What makes a general physician special? 

The unique collection of knowledge, skills, and training distinguishes general physicians from other medical specialists and general practitioners. They are;

· Broadly educated to deal with all kind of medical conditions 

· Through, scientific and logical in their approach to providing expert diagnosis

· Highly experienced in making clinical decisions and cost-effective use of dwindling healthcare resources 

· Able to choose and assess drugs and other medical therapies wisely to treat disease able to care for patients’ whole system, not just a specific body.  

This is why; anyone can find such a doctor in Noida for any non-surgical medical procedure. 


Types of non-surgical medical procedures that a general physician provides 


Non-surgical medical procedures are used to measure, diagnose, monitor, or treat problems like injuries or diseases that don’t require surgery. They are carried out by health specialists like general physicians, general practitioners, nurses, or diagnostician. 


Understanding what to expect during or after a medical therapy can help you prepare, whether you go to a hospital(s) or a consulting room. All medical treatments have certain benefits, possible side effects, and risks. Always find a doctor in Noida, or in a city you belong to, for further details on recommended procedures. In case of any doubt, take help from your doctor. 


Different types of non-surgical medical procedures 


Non-surgical medical procedures can be divided into five major classes: 

· Tests, x-rays, and scans (diagnostic procedures) 

· Physical examination 

· Treatments to repair the effects of a disease, injury, or malfunctions, including radiation and physical therapies as well as medicines. 

· Cosmetic procedures to improve a patient’s physical appearance for aesthetic reasons. 

· Allied health treatments to restore, maintain or improve a person’s physical function. 


Physical examination 


Physical examination or propaedeutic procedures are basic hands-on techniques used by a doctor to get a general view of an individual’s health and wellbeing. Examples are;

· Looking at the individual to check their appearance 

· Touching areas of individual patient’s body to understand the abnormalities like tenderness, pain, swelling, lumps, and masses

· Listening to internal sounds of some specific body parts by stethoscope. These parts can include the lungs, heart, and abdominal cavity. 


Tests, x-rays, and scans 


Diagnostic procedures involve tests that a physician uses to help diagnose an individual’s medical condition or to measure the severity of the issue. These procedures also allow a doctor or any other healthcare expert to plan the best course of treatment. 


Some examples of diagnostic procedures are;

  • Body fluid tests – like blood tests & urine tests
  • Non-invasive scans – including x-ray examinations, ultrasound and computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
  • Electrographs – a graph given by measuring electrical activity within the body. Examples include electroencephalography or EEG (brain) and electrocardiography or ECG (heart)
  • Angiograms – a type of special x-ray that includes an injection of a contrast dye to explain the blood vessels better. Examples are; coronary (heart) angiogram, pulmonary (lung) angiogram, and cerebral (brain) angiogram.
  • Endoscopy – a slender tube or endoscope is inserted into the body, which allows the physician to make a visual inspection. Examples: endoscopic procedures include colonoscopy (bowel), cystoscopy (bladder), gastroscopy (stomach), bronchoscopy (airways of the lung), and laparoscopy (abdomen).

Surgery may also be considered as a diagnostic tool. For example, the operation known as laparotomy involves opening the abdominal cavity to examine the organs for disease or injury.




Therapies may be to repair the effects of diseases, injuries, or congenital malfunctions. Non-surgical therapeutic procedures are less invasive than surgical options. 


They include; 

· Physical therapies 

· Medicines 

· Radiation 

Surgery may need to be considered if they cannot provide adequate or appropriate treatment for a condition or injury. 


How to find a general physician in Noida 

You can find a general physician in Noida through Spirals Health. It is effortless to see and book an online appointment with general physicians or doctors by our healthcare scheduling system. 


At Spirals Health, we allow you to find the best doctor for your condition from the comfort of your home. Here, you can book an appointment from anywhere, anytime. 


Things to remember about non-surgical medical procedures 

· They are used to measure, diagnose or treat injury or disease. 

· Every medical procedure has certain benefits, risks, and side effects (in some cases) 

· Meet a doctor or general physician for further details. 

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