About Dr Rahul Poddar
About Dr Rahul Poddar

Dr. Rahul Poddar is a General surgeon based in Ghaziabad  who has worked in renowned hospitals like Fortis, Max, Guru Tej Bahadur, Safdarjang, sir ganga ram, b l kapur Hospital- Delhi,  just to name a few backed up by years of experience as a surgeon. He also specialises with surgical procedures and has performed a wide range of PAINLESS, SCARLESS, FAST TRACK minimally invasive surgeries, key hole surgeries WITH FAST RECOVERY, laparoscopic abdominal surgeries, Cholecystectomies, all abdominal gi and genito-urinary surgeries. He has performed wide range of surgeries for fistula in ano. A wide range of surgeries for haemorrhoids, fissure including, stapler hemmoroidopexies. Basic vascular surgeries including grafts, vascular anastomosis, varicose vein surgeries. All hernia surgeries including lap/ open inguinal ventral, complicated/ uncomplicated hernias. All stone surgeries including open/ minimally invasive renal, ureteric, bladder stones. Thyroid and other neck surgeries. A wide spectrum of surgeries of breast diseases, benign and malignant. A wide variety of trauma surgeries, salvage procedures all kinds of gynaecological procedures like ndvh, prolapse surgeries, laparoscopic procedures like the, myomectomies.

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